If your neighbor neglects or abuses their pet, REPORT it. If no one arrives, CALL again. KEEP calling until you get action! Don't just assume it is being handled. Call and ask HOW it was handled. 

Animal Cruelty Cases: 
Unincorporated Shelby County - Sheriff – 901-379-7620
Memphis 901) 636-1416 or Memphis Police Department – 901-545-COPS (901-545-2677)
Germantown – 901-757-7358 After hours - Police 901-754-7222
Bartlett – 901-385-6484. After hours Police- 901-385-5555
Collierville – 901-457-2671. After hours - Police 901-853-3207

Cases of Animal Neglect 
Unincorporated Shelby County – 901-324-5547 
Memphis – Memphis Animal Services 901-636-1416
Germantown – 901-757-7358
Bartlett – 901-385-6484
Collierville – 901-457-2671


Pet of the Month!

 Meet Gidget! 


This girl has been with us for a very long time and she has worked very, very hard. She was a wonderful mama to her puppies, which she delivered just days after she was rescued off of the streets. Once they were all adopted out, she battled heartworm treatment, and now she's loving life as a carefree dog. Sweet, lovable, well-mannered are just a few of the qualities that describe for this gorgeous gal. She will make the perfect jogging companion and cuddle buddy. She's an active gal, but loves to snuggle.

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application at



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Founded in 2012 by Donna Orman, Blue Sky Dog Rescue is a Mississippi non-profit 501(c)3 organization based near the Mississippi/Tennessee state line. Our pups are cared for 100% by volunteers.  We are funded 100% by donations.


Donna Orman wanted to make a difference and she did just that with Blue Sky Dog Rescue!

Board Positions

Donna Orman        President and founder

Carrie Crunk          Vice President

Mike Skorich          Secretary/Treasurer


Coordinator Positions

Carrie Crunk          Adoption coordinator

Rachel Maslow       Volunteer coordinator

Open                    Foster coordinator

Kay Skorich           Event coordinator

Teresa Forbis        Kennel coordinator/transporter




 Blue Sky Dog Rescue is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. EIN 36-4726185

Power to the Pups!