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If your neighbor neglects or abuses their pet, REPORT it. If no one arrives, CALL again. KEEP calling until you get action! Don't just assume it is being handled. Call and ask HOW it was handled. 

Animal Cruelty Cases: 
Unincorporated Shelby County - Sheriff – 901-379-7620
Memphis 901) 636-1416 or Memphis Police Department – 901-545-COPS (901-545-2677)
Germantown – 901-757-7358 After hours - Police 901-754-7222
Bartlett – 901-385-6484. After hours Police- 901-385-5555
Collierville – 901-457-2671. After hours - Police 901-853-3207

Cases of Animal Neglect 
Unincorporated Shelby County – 901-324-5547 
Memphis – Memphis Animal Services 901-636-1416
Germantown – 901-757-7358
Bartlett – 901-385-6484
Collierville – 901-457-2671

Registering your Home-Again Microchip


Congratulations on your adoption!  Your new pet has been micro-chipped with a chip from Home Again. To register your chip to your name, please follow the below instructions.


To register by phone:


Please call 1-866-802-5650 toll free. The HomeAgain representative will ask our Petfinder Shelter ID. It is MS-145. The representative will then take your information to transfer the chip from Blue Sky to your name and address.


To register online:


Click on this link:


1. Click on “FOR PET PARENTS”

2. You will be asked to enter the Shelter Login. Blue Sky’s shelter ID is MS145

3. You will be taken to the Enrollment page. Click on “ENROLL IN HOMEAGAIN!”

4. The microchip enrollment page is where you will enter all of your personal information and information about your pet. You can even upload a picture. Blue Sky HIGHLY recommends uploading a current picture and to upload a new picture each year you renew.

5. You will need to enter the microchip number. This is the series of numbers that is on the yellow tag that you received from Blue Sky. We have also included a sticker of that number on this welcome letter for easy reference.

6. Regular enrollment fees for HomeAgain are $17.99 annually but for Blue Sky Dog Rescue, our rates are $10.99 annually.

Complete the checkout and you are done!